Biometric’s past

Virtual Identity, Digital Identity

The origin of the term biometric comes from two distinct Greek words”Bio” which means life and”Metrics” which means to measure. Since the ancient times, humans recognized each other through facial recognition, we keep the faces of people we meet in our memory and upon seeing them again; we greet them. This is a natural biometric which each and every person has within them; it is a predominant behavior pattern where we could recognize other individuals by face, bodily construction or their voice somewhat unconsciously. Even thumbprints are used at different places as a form of signature especially by those who can’t read or write, this is because each thumbprint is unique to its owner. Even in times that date back to as much as the Babylonian age, fingerprints were used for business transactions.

Fast forward to many years later, seeing cool gadgets was only restricted to big budget science fiction movies and we were mesmerized and fascinated with them. Machines scanning retina and fingerprints or even those that served on voice recognition were stuff that only featured in James Bond films and nobody ever thought they would get to witness and use such technologies in their everyday life. It all sounded like some magic stuff of a faraway land but soon it took the shape of a reality.

The first biometric device was devised by Sir William Herschel who listed a handprint on the back of a contract for each employee in order to know who were his employees and who were the outsiders claiming to maintain his job during payday. This was the first time that hand and finger images were systematically captured for the purpose of identification. This step proved to be a benchmark in terms of safety management, during the years steps were taken steadily for further progress of these devices. Algorithms were made for Finger picture and facial excellent measurement and an iris quality measurement algorithm was also developed by the U.S government in 2008. The C.I.A even used facial recognition technology so as to recognize the dead body of Osama Bin Laden.

The present era has witnessed a boom in the emergence and use of Biometric security devices, from banks to work place and even school and schools have started to use this advanced and far more reliable form of security. Seems like the popularity and use of biometric will only grow a lot further in the future.

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