Diversity in America

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Not long ago, a foreign-born pupil attending a leading US University here in California asked me if I thought that why the USA was so successful was because of our”diversity” bringing all different cultures to one place. I didn’t want to burst his bubble chastise the politically correct story pushed down his throat at the University here, but I was not going to lie to him. So, I explained my ideas on this, and perhaps it may help illuminate this for you also? Let’s talk shall we.

You see, the United States of America has numerous advantages over other countries, mostly because of the abundance which includes free-markets, freedom, freedom and a belief that one can rise to the top. Having a strong military means we now have the power to control a lot of the free world too and we can keep our nation secure and productive.

You Have Much Free time Resources and Cognitive Surplus

And, all those people with all that time can surely do plenty of thinking and get to new heights in almost any field and if you have enough people (330 million+) then you’ve got lots of people in every area, and the synergy is compounded kind of like Ray Kurzweil’s theory on how the”Singularity” will happen for humankind.

The amount of advantages in the USA over other countries are vast, diversity is just one of these, and yes, it is a major one as stated, but it probably is not the largest or the most effective, of course it sure helps – merely because borrowing ideas and cross-pollinating from several cultures and ways of accomplishing things or solving problems is a huge force multiplier to borrow a term from military strategy.

In an ideal world there would not be any walls between nations, nor would there be a need for nuclear weapons or militaries – alas, we don’t reside in such a perfect world – yet? Maybe one day, perhaps in our life if we live long enough – and we might, older age is not necessary nor is dying of it. We should work to fix this problem, thus not lose the wisdom and lessons only to be learned over-and-over-again, the hard way. Not good, but it’s good that we can now save languages digitally and all of humanity’s information as we proceed, albeit in ones’ and zero’s right?

Remember it was the USA that brought us computers, the Internet and much of our modern day communication. Nice.

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