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If you are new in the blogging area then it’s likely that you might not know about the techniques on how best to write a fantastic blog. Writing great blog is important if you would like to gain traffic to your blog. For novices having attractive blogs is important. Here are few tips that will help you in creating a good blog.

Building a pillar

• A pillar is defined as the content of the blog, it is one thing that is important and it can

• Bring traffic to your blogs as well as backlinks

• It will continue bringing traffic and they will also refer others to your blog

• It will bring traffic from search engines

• Not dependent on time so after one year it will be popular

How to create pillars?

There’s not one formula for generating content so that it could become a pillar. But there are some crucial features on which you can focus. You may be surprised to know that there are a number of articles which you can write and it can become a pillar while you might not have expected it to be. So here are some concepts on which you can focus to compose pillar content

“How to” article

• consider the niche and write an article on it. Teach people how to do something in the industry. Make certain to write an article that is easy to understand. There are the majority of the men and women who search for”How to” info online. Here are some examples

• If you are in a marketing field then write how you can market effectively

• If you are having a pet shop, then compose hot to choose a breed that suits your interest the best

• If you know your niche you’ll be able to understand how it is possible to gain traffic to your sites but writing”how to” articles. The relevant audience is definitely going to find it interesting. You just have to be sure your writing is effective at making people understand. If you can tell a story then it’ll be a lot better thing to do on your site.

List articles

This is one of the most popular pillar concepts and you might have seen many sites that feature list posts. The names for the list articles are”top 5 ways”or tips to establish” etc. these articles work quite well because

• These are easy to read and understand from the readers. These posts are writing in between 300-700 word count and there are enough bullet points, headlines that attract readers. It’s all about simplicity. List articles are very easy to write and understand. People who lack time will find these articles interesting and helpful.

• These articles also provide direct actionable; lesson and people also like to share them with others.

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